Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ah, memories

On the brink of the release of issue #3, I have been revisiting issue #1 this afternoon because I am trying to repair its files for the Lulu POD version which I put up there a long time ago but haven't been able to sell because it was thoroughly frakked. I'm so proud of the new third issue that everyone is about to see, that I had almost forgotten how great the first one was, and it seems weirdly long ago even though it's only been two months. Writers featured in that issue--stars of the genre, all--will be glad to know that I resisted any sort of temptation, while dicking with the source files, to create any sort of "Special Edition" or "re-imagining" of issue #1, such as to include giant CGI dewback lizards and Imperial walkers or a non-puppet Yoda.  I also did NOT change the content of any of the stories by adding alternate endings that were left on the "cutting room floor" (such as the alternate ending of Brandon Bell's "Do Men Dream of Bloody Sheep?" in which: "Lauri's clear, dark, android eyes locked with Andrew's and she turned her back on him. She walked away, far, far away into the dead white city, and Andrew never saw her again."  Or the alternate ending to Rick Novy's "Road Rage" in which Robbie, instead of stabbing that dude to death with a screwdriver, instead gave him a stern yet tearful lecture on social responsibility.)  Hey, blog readers, if you still have somehow not read issue #1 yet, it's free to you over there on the right!

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