Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Creeping crud update

Today, for me, began rather poorly. Then it improved and seemed fairly decent. Then it went to hell again. No rational explanation for any of these phases, nor the changes from one to the next, presents itself. It's just a symptom of this annoying depressive phase that I have been in lately. I have, however, started a project that I think will have some salutary use: I have decided to start keeping a private journal. I haven't done this on any kind of regular basis since I was in high school when I was a daily journal writer. But even that wasn't really a personal and private venue for my thoughts since those were periodically shown to my English teachers, and there was always the sense that I was writing it for someone else to read. My new journal, begun today, is purely private. I can say whatever I want in it and not even have to make it make sense. The concept is twofold: 1) to document my thoughts and observations (some of which may be usable for fiction writing someday--or not, it doesn't matter) and 2)  to expose myself to myself in a way that might help me dispose of my nonsense more efficiently. 

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