Monday, June 29, 2009


Make it an ongoing practice to visit Matt Staggs' blog Enter the Octopus. Matt is a lit publicist specializing in spec fic, and his site is loaded with a wealth of interesting stuff to read in terms of reviews, excerpts, recommendations, links to stuff you ought to know about, and all kinds of other fascinating things.

Currently available via his site is the first installment of his new podcast, consisting of an interview that he did with the charming Charles Tan, Filipino book-blogger and spec fic booster best known for his excellent Bibliophile Stalker blog (Charles is @charlesatan on Twitter--I would guess that nearly every reader of this blog who is also on Twitter probably follows him already). 

Matt and his blog are, for me, an excellent example of the usefulness of Twitter. I knew of Matt first via Twitter as @deepeight (his Twit-name, from the name of his publicity agency). Either he followed me and I followed him back or vice versa (don't remember), but I just knew of him for a while as this Twitter personality. Anyway, I quickly figured out that I liked him because he seemed to be (like me) a person who puts up with little hypocrisy, injustice or general douchebaggery, and who is also very tuned in to what's happening in the spec fic world. It was only much later that I learned that he was writing this awesome blog (which teaches me to be more prompt about actually looking at the websites of people I know via Twitter). So go check it out, and be sure to listen to the podcast with Charles Tan.

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