Monday, June 8, 2009

Novy MIRror Episode 3 features Tobias Buckell

Online today, complete with a snazzy new logo, is the third installment of Rick Novy's show Novy MIRror, featuring special guest Tobias Buckell

This is a very interesting interview, touching on a number of topics of current interest to readers and writers of sf. Buckell is a writer of sf adventure whom I know really only by reputation (having somehow not actually read much of his stuff yet, save for maybe a short story in an antho here and there), so it was great to learn some more about him, his career and his outlook on the genre. Go see the show and stop in at Buckell's website, too. (Also, stand by for M-Brane #6 on July 1 featuring some new fiction by Novy.)

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Rick Novy said...

Read Crystal Rain. It's a fun, fun story.

Christopher Fletcher said...

This is cool: I just read Rick's recommendation to read Crystal Rain AND I am at this moment coincidentally listening to an audio commentary/review of Crystal Rain, given by Luke Burrage from his Science Fiction Book Review Podcast ( Well it's not a TOTAL coincidence--a little while I downloaded a whole slew of Luke's podcasts and picked this one to listen to because Tobias was the subject today , but still cool that that the very same story is the one I'm hearing about now.

Anonymous said...

I concur with Rick. Read Crystal Rain. The way Buckell mixes Carribean culture, Aztec culture, and plain old rollicking sci-fi goodness makes for a fun read.


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