Monday, June 29, 2009


As Stilgar says in the David Lynch film version of Dune when he observes Paul Atreides conquer the worm, "Again, it is the legend!"  

M-Brane #6 is published in PDF and POD form as of this moment (the Kindle and Mobi versions are not quite ready but will come online probably within a couple days). 

The new issue features fascinating, weird, strange and fine new fiction by the likes of Rick Novy, Derek Goodman, Jason Heller, Mike Griffiths, Jeffrey Wooten, Stephanie Scarborough and many others. To subscribe or buy the single issue in PDF or POD form, click one of those "subscribe" buttons over on the right for details.

As an added bonus, this month we have a theme song!  Oh yeah, no kidding! John Anealio composes and plays and sings and records fantastic songs inspired by speculative fiction, and he offered one of them as a bonus feature with this new issue. You will all, of course, go at once to his blog to learn more. But first, click right here where this link is and enjoy "Rachel Rosen," a song inspired by Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I'm going to give it the informal title of "Love Theme to M-Brane # 6."

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