Sunday, June 28, 2009

Novy MIRror #4 released, features Cat Rambo

This news is already a few days old and I'm running behind schedule. But in case you weren't already aware of it, the fourth installment of Rick Novy's video podcast Novy MIRror is online and can be watched at his website

The new installment features Rick's interview with spec fic writer and managing editor of Fantasy Magazine Cat Rambo (whose short story "Boyz and Girlz Come Out to Play" appeared in M-Brane #4 in May). For the writers among you, this interview is well worth listening to. Cat gives some great insights resulting from her persistence and success as a writer and her experience as an editor. In fact, it's so good (and Cat is so cool generally) that I am going to just go ahead and assign this episode as homework to everyone who comes upon this post. You will also find a link to Cat's site in the M-Brane writer's links list (down in the that right-hand column, three or four kilometers down). 

Also, in other Rick Novy news, he is appearing in M-Brane once again in a day or two when #6 releases with his story "The Trouble With Truffles." As a special feature in that issue, Rick becomes the subject as I interview him, and I expect readers will find it quite interesting.

[The image is of Cat Rambo, in a screen capture, while I was watching the interview.]

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