Saturday, August 15, 2009

Campaigning for THINGS WE ARE NOT here and there

Not a lot of news tonight (in the exhausted center of a weekend of day-jobbery), except to point out that Brandon Bell has a good post up at his blog about things that people can do to get the word out on Things We Are Not. He is right that this a good little opportunity to have more WIN and less FAIL in our sf world.

Also, I guess I'll just go ahead and do something that I would never, during most years, even consider, and point out that tomorrow, August 16, is my birthday. Most years I neither wish for nor expect acknowledgment or gifts on this fairly pointless occasion, the date at which I can say I have lived another full year. Generally, as I advance further toward decrepitude, I would like to downplay the occasion as much as possible. But this year, I am asking that the Things We Are Not sponsorship campaign reach its goal so that I can rest assured that all is well with the book (and so I can quit shaking people down). If I find when I get home from work tomorrow a bunch of Pay Pal receipts in my in-box, I will be a very happy birthday boy indeed. (We're a bit above 40% of goal right now.) So if you have something to promote or if you just want to aid a worthy project (or know someone else who does), read about the Benefactor program at the Things We Are Not page.


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Therese Arkenberg said...

Just posting to wish you a somewhat-belated happy birthday and to say I'm plugging the anthology as much as I can. Though, it I haven't alienated friends and family yet, perhaps I'm not plugging enough...


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