Thursday, August 27, 2009

Upcoming events and things

Just a quick update on some pending things:

1) I feel pretty confident about 10/1 as publication date for Things We Are Not. Expect to see some more news fairly soon about price and advance order information. I have a bunch more work to do on it, but I think I can have it ready on time. I'm considering trying to hold some sort of online launch party for it, too, involving Twitter and Ustream and Skype. If that still sounds like a good idea after I sober up, then I will figure out the details.

2) M-Brane #8 will be out by Monday 8/31 at latest most likely (since I am at the day job on 9/1).

3) The reading window for M-Brane #12 (Novy's issue) closes Monday 8/31, so writers need to move quickly if they still wish to submit.

4) I will have by Saturday (probably) some major new things to say about the Shared World project. It's getting moving again. For real this time.

Also, if you're interested, I have a new post up at The Region Between about my feelings and reflections regarding the passing of Senator Kennedy.

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