Wednesday, August 5, 2009

SHARED WORLD: Getting back to work

This is the week that I swore that I would start some new work on the Shared World project. Since it's Wednesday and I've done nothing on it yet, it's a great thing that Brandon Bell has had some inspiration and focus and offered this great post on his site. I think he's on target as far as identifying some general time frames of events in the World and suggesting a historical progression from one to the next. Also, after reading his remarks, I'd agree that we don't need to have quite as much detail worked out in advance as I thought might be needed. What we're working on is really more general guidelines, broad-stroke type stuff. So...I am, as always, welcoming new comments and ideas from anyone who has participated in this discussion before or who would like to get in on it. The whole run of Shared World-related posts can be called up using the Shared World label below (and one of those contains a link to download a document summarizing most of what has been discussed in those posts and their many comments).

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