Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whither the zines?

Go over to Brandon Bell's blog and read his post titled "The Short Fiction Singularity." He offers some good comments, observations and suggestions about what's happening to short fiction markets currently.

Since my own post about Baen's Universe announcing that it will cease in a few months, we've heard similar news about Farrago's Wainscot. Also, I heard via Twitter from Jason Sizemore that he is again making Apex's content free online, ending a brief experiment with keeping it behind a pay wall. While I can sympathize with and support whatever he decides he needs to do with his excellent zine, I do not consider this to be good news and I wish that the pay-to-play model had worked out better.

We got word out of the Worldcon that the Semiprozine Hugo will continue to be a category, finally ending that debate. But there being an award that can be won doesn't necessarily mean that there will be any semipro fiction publications around to win it. I wonder what the short fiction publishing world is going look like in a few years, or even as soon as one year from now.

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