Friday, August 14, 2009

Duncan demolishes another moralizing phony-baloney homophobe

Please enjoy this fine, fine item by Hal Duncan, one of my favorite writer/bloggers. He always says what I would say if I were even half as smart as he is:
Notes From The Geek Show: An Open Letter to John C. Wright

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Anonymous said...

Check out my reply to your comment over at the nithska blog.

Oh, and sorry off topic, but wanted to suggest maybe having guest blog posts over on the Things We Are Not page leading up to the pub date. Either the authors or anyone else that has something to say about pertinent subjects, which could include someone like Duncan?

Take care, man.


Christopher Fletcher said...

Yeah some guest posts would be great. I'll suggest it to people. I was also planning to put up some profiles of the writers over the next few weeks as well.


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