Sunday, August 2, 2009

Zine submissions updates, other miscellany

Reading for issue #12, by guest editor Rick Novy, continues until the end of August. I have noticed a steep decline in volume of new story submissions coming into M-Brane. This decline became noticeable at about the start of July, right after a fairly heavy June. This could be seasonal, and it could have to do with the fact that this particular issue has a set reading period and perhaps some writers are working toward meeting that deadline and we'll hear from them closer to it. Anyway, if you are a writer with something good in search of a home, go ahead and submit for Rick's issue.

After the 8/31 deadline for issue #12 has passed, I will return to reading for some other upcoming issues. In fact, I will be going backward in the schedule to complete the partially-filled issue #10 and the still mostly empty issue #11. And that will round out the first year. I have begun production on issue #8. I wish had the cover and TOC ready to preview already because I am pretty excited about it. It is going to be quite a good issue with some fine work by a some past M-Brane contributors like Deborah Walker, Mike Griffiths and Rick Novy as well as some great stories by writers new to our pages. Among those are Stephen Gaskell, a Writers of the Future published finalist who is also scheduled to appear in our queer antho. I also have a terrific hard sf novelette by Tristan Palmgren, who has also placed fiction with Interzone.

I swear I will do something to revive the Shared World planning soon so that we can finally have some writers guidelines for that someday and get a publication scheduled somewhere on the calendar. How well (or poorly) the queer antho does will have some bearing on whether the first published Shared World project ends up being an issue in the regular run of the zine or a separate stand-alone publication. But decisions on that are obviously somewhere off in the future still since we're not done world-building yet.

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Anonymous said...

I think I will do a 'Shared World Wednesday' post over at and link back to the Shared World posts over here. Kind of collect the stray bits of background info I've collected that may or may not be useful.

Christopher Fletcher said...

That sounds great. Then, as we go, we can always aggregate it all into some future iteration of that summary document that I assembled a few weeks ago, and eventually into the writers guidelines. When you do that post, do talk about your concept of the organization of stories by timeframe--you said something intriguing on Twitter a few days ago suggesting a three-part sequence that sounded interesting but was so, ya know, 140-character-ish.


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