Monday, June 8, 2009


I have really been enjoying sf genre podcasts lately, both fiction like is found at Dunesteef and Clonepod and a number of other audiozines, and also commentary/conversation things SFF Audio Podcast and the author interviews at Agony Column. Even though I am very often writing or editing or reading while I am listening, and so don't pay enough attention to what I am hearing most of the time, I still really enjoy the format. And it's great when I'm cooking dinner because I can pay better attention to it then. Anyway, I think that M-Brane needs to get into the audio business somehow, but I haven't really devised a plan yet. Two obstacles present themselves: 1) I can't, at this time, spend any more money than I already do to acquire stories for publication in the zine, so I think I would be looking for content that I can use for free or perhaps induce some writers to let their items be presented both in print and in audio without them necessarily getting additional compensation for it beyond some more exposure for their work; and 2) I'd need some volunteer labor to do some reading aloud for it because I wouldn't dream of thinking that my own voice would be passable for a recording of, say, a four thousand-word short story.

It wouldn't need to be a lot of content all the time either. I don't envision doing the equivalent of a whole M-Brane issue or anything that involved, but maybe just a single story every week or two. It could also include some commentary from the writer and maybe the reader (if those are different people) and maybe me. Maybe a story from a yet-to-be-published issue of the zine could be put up in audio form as a teaser. I've been debating with myself for weeks, if not months already, if there is really even any kind of screaming need for more M-Brane products in the world. Well, I believe that there is!

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Brandon said...

This is a rad idea. Similar to what BCS does with some of their stories. Very cool.

Brandon Bell

Merc said...

Audio would be a lot of fun... you could certainly try the print/audio-for-the-same-payment and see if it works? (I for one wouldn't mind. ;) I'm getting very fond of podcasts.)

Though I see the problem about finding readers... lol! Still, it would be cool if someday M-BRANE could branch into audio. :D



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