Tuesday, August 18, 2009

OUTER ALLIANCE DAY 2: Already a Big Deal!

I'm amazed and delighted at the response that there has already been to Natania Barron's call for a new alliance of LGBT sf/f writers and allies. Dozens of writers and other interested folks have already joined the group, including such great people as Cheryl Morgan and Hal Duncan (relevant posts at both of their sites). [UPDATE: Also check out Cesar Torres' post about this.] Natania has worked with amazing speed and has already established a blog site for the group. It's still skeletal--the Alliance is less than 48 hours old after all. But it should be a fantastic resource. For my part, I am committing to contributing whatever I can as far as supporting and promoting the organization, as well as offering content to the website. I intended to run some profiles of the Things We Are Not writers on the TWAN page anyway, but perhaps I can cross-post some of that to the Outer Alliance page and expand the audience for it a bit.

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Christopher Fletcher said...

Oh yeah, before anyone even asks, the Cesar Torres that I mention above and to whose site I link is, indeed, THAT Cesar Torres, founder of the newly emerging "beanpunk" subgenre. There will be more on this another day soon. It may sound like I am joking around. I assure you that I am not. ::serious stare::


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