Sunday, February 22, 2009


Last night, Jeff and I actually left the house and went to a public place for a beer or two for the first time since we moved to OKC. While this was fun for a while, the downside of it was that I had to work this morning and I was suffering what I assumed to be a wicked hangover. We have in recent weeks drastically curtailed our alcohol consumption for budgetary reasons (I also ought to keep losing some weight, and am generally able to do it pretty fast if I don’t drink a ridiculous amount). So it occurred to me this morning that perhaps I am not used to as much imbibing anymore, and perhaps I overdid it a just bit last night. Because if there’s something like that to do, you can bet that I’ll overdo it. But as the hours of my workday passed and I was not feeling appreciably better no matter how much coffee I drank, I started to get the creeping suspicion that it wasn’t just a hangover—and I really did not have that much to drink anyway. There’s another viral plague of some sort running through the population at my place of work, and I am really wondering now if I have caught it. I really hope not, because that would be the second time in a month. I think I feel a bit better than I did this morning, so I will be optimistic about tomorrow. It's also given me this idea to somehow combine Levy's Etch-a-Sketch nano-transistor technology with designing artificial viruses to unleash on the world (in a piece of fiction, of course).

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