Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Market listings, types of submissions, etc.

After railing against zine editorial guidelines (in a comment post on someone else's blog) for things like not replying on rejections, no simultaneous submissions, etc., I decided I'd better double-check my own market listings for M-Brane SF and make sure I am not sending out the wrong signals.  As it happened, my listing on Duotrope did incorrectly indicate that I'm a no-go on simul- and multi-subs.  As it turns out, I couldn't care less as long as I know what's up. I sent them a correction, and it was promptly corrected. It's also true that I never listed M-Brane with Duotrope myself, so I'm not even sure how I ended up on there. I assume that a writer or rabid fan of this blog (just kidding!) submitted it for me.  Who knows. Anyway, thanks to whomever did it.  I specifically remember NOT submitting info to Duotrope because I did not yet fit their guidelines to be listed. But there it is anyway. If any of you writers know of any writers' market listing other than Ralan's or Duotrope where M-Brane is listed, would you do me a favor and let me know about it so I can make sure the info on it is correct?  If it's not listed as a writers' market anywhere else, then that's fine, too, because I'm not exactly suffering a dearth of story submissions: tomorrow I have a thick virtual stack of rejections and acceptances to send out (what I really need is publicity in more readers' markets right now!).

I've occasionally run into remarks by other editors here and there that seem to indicate that they have a lot of trouble with writers being all unprofessional and sending them bad-looking manuscripts not in "standard mss format," and so on.  I must have a really good bunch of writers sending stuff to me so far: I haven't received hardly any stories in anything other than "standard" (and I don't really care that much--I end up immediately converting all of them to something else for my on-screen reading ease anyway). Also, all of the manuscripts for the entirety of issue #1 required of me only the correction of maybe five misspelled words, three or four punctuation changes, and a few style changes (underlined text changed to italic mostly). So thanks, all y'all, for being such pros!

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