Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In an effort to clean up this page a little bit, I have added a sort of second site that links back and forth between here and there, mostly just to hold some of the static stuff that doesn’t change much, like the writers’ guidelines and the subscription info and some other stuff. It’s a temporary measure until I either get a new template or set up a “real” full-blown website for M-Brane, but it should clean things up a bit, or at least make it so you don’t have to scroll ninety virtual meters down the page to see stuff like the guidelines.

I would eventually like to have a better site (or a better template for this one), but I don’t honestly think this Blogger site is too bad at all for what it does for me. And it’s totally free. When I can spring for my own domain and someone to help me make a decent site that can handle some more dynamic features, then I probably will. But I’m not going to set up some craptastical website that’s not really any better or more functional than this blog page just for the sake of having the URL not have the “dot-blogspot” in the middle of it. There’s a lot of crappy sites out there—even ones for magazines doing basically the same thing that I am—that don’t function well and don’t look very good either. I was just on one for a zine that had all kinds of dead internal links in it, even though it had some front-page updates as recently as this week. A lot of people set up websites and just don’t maintain them, or set up blogs that are still online but don’t have posts more recently than two or three years ago. I think sites needs to have some new content on them with great frequency. I’ll just do what I’m doing for now, and get fancier when circumstances make it possible.

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