Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest

If you are a writer who is into near-future space sf and like to enter contests check out the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest, with a deadline of April 1. Grand prize is publication of the story in Jim Baen's Universe (paid, too, at their regular rate) and a package of other prizes including a cool rocket ship trophy. I think it would be super cool if a bunch of writers who have or will have stories in M-Brane would enter this contest, because I would enjoy pointing it out to everyone if a writer that I published also won this contest. I might even enter it myself.  I don't have on hand a lot of unpublished, good short fiction in presentable form, and really none that fits the criteria.  I've been focusing mostly on a novel lately, and running M-Brane, of course. But it might be a fun challenge to myself to see if I can come up with a decent new story that would fit the rules by April 1.

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Merc said...

*ponders how far away April is*

I might give it a shot--I've not done a whole lot of SF of that sort, so it might be fun to poke my brain with it. ;)

Thanks for the link to this, Chris.



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