Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Only half a million dollars? Well, eff that!

I am again going to break my self-imposed rule about keeping tiresome real-world crap off of the M-Brane, but this really turns my crank: President Obama spoke truth to Wall Street and issued these new rules for the worst of the money-wasting, tax-dollar-sucking, economy-wrecking, bail-out-wanting firms requiring that, if they are going to come to Washington, hat in hand, looking for more money, then they will have to be transparent about how they spend it and that they will have to cap top exec salaries at $500,000.  That's not what pisses me off.  That's awesome, and hail to the chief for doing this.  What has irritated the hell out of me today is listening to coverage of this all day on NPR and BBC and hearing one whiner after another come forward and complain that these rules will cause some kind of "talent drain" on Wall Street. The BBC World Service anchor put the question bluntly to one of these douchebags, saying roughly "Well isn't it true that these people were incompetent? They aren't really the most talented then, are they?" In other words, so what if they quit and go look for other work? The douchebag's reply was--and I kid you not--as follows: "Well who's going to want to work for $500,000?"

I'll tell you who: me.  How hard can it be?  I bet not at all. I'll take the job right now. I know how to read resumes and hire people to do the real work for me while I sit in a lux office. I correspond with a number of people who are currently unemployed--or have shitty jobs like I do--who are talented and who are not jackasses, and who would also probably take a job for a measly little half million bucks, too. There's something seriously wrong around here when people like that dude on the radio can cry about something like that in the face of this economic mess. Priorities need some serious resetting. Gordon Gekko was wrong: greed is not good!

I promise I'll get back on normal topics in my next next post!

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