Thursday, February 19, 2009


Oh, I've added Twitter to my ways of communicating. I don't quite have the hang of it yet, but I'm seeing some possible usefulness for it.  So I'm not really a member of the true Twitterati yet, but over on the left down there somewhere is a box that posts my updates and lets you start following me if you want. There's not much with me to follow yet, though.

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Anonymous said...

Wil Wheaton, @Wilw, posted a link on twitter about how everyone tries to say what the right or wrong way to use twitter is, when its really just what works for you. In the case of M-Brane, I'd just do some searches for specific people who might be on the site or use to search for those talking about your topics of interest and start following people who are into what M-Brane offers. I don't think raw numbers of followers is worth a damn. I do think followers and following those who are into your niche could really pay off. What if you can get some backing for the zine? It looks good: you are making improvements, sprucing up the site. What if you attract some Big Name to submit. Just ideas.

There's that immature part of me that wanted to send a @thatkevinsmith and tell him he needs to head over to Byzarium and option The Fourth Horseman RIGHT EFFING NOW. "Dude, we get to have Dave Mustaine tell James Hetfield to Eff off. That's about as cool as it gets. Oh, and you have futuristic motorcyles, clowns, a rip on Scientology, and explosions. This is LITERATURE my man!"

Ok, yeah. That's not the way it's done. I know. But i can dream! :)

Anyway, I sent you three tweets in response to your question from yesterday... Let me know if you need help with the theme. Also, I agree that blogspot does a fine job, I do also think though that it is good to tweak a theme so it looks unique. There is some convolutions to it, basically finding the theme you like, uploading the theme (easy part), then you will want to upload any graphics to your flickr account (etc.) and then change the theme elements so they point to your copies instead of the theme creator. Reason is, a popular theme will usually exceed the bandwidth limit on the creator's account and you'll stop seeing those graphics toward the end of the month.

I know that is almost incoherent. If you do need help, though, let me know.


Christopher Fletcher said...

Just got back from work and my mind is not working well right now, so what you are saying about this blog theme is mind-boggling to me...I am sure I will understand it better later, and you can expect me to be contacting you for some assistance soon! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cool :)


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