Saturday, February 7, 2009


1. Yeah, I'm still on about this (see yesterday's post).  According to a NASA question/answer site about astrobiology, lunar terraforming is considered unlikely because its low gravity wouldn't be adequate to hold onto a useful atmosphere. I don't know about that, though. I wonder if NASA is giving up too easily (I guess if their optimistic estimate of having a new spacecraft to replace the shuttle--which has, admittedly, become the 1980 Buick Sentry of spaceships--is something like five years, I can't be expecting too much too soon on terraforming anything, much less the Moon). Whoever answered the Moon question on the NASA site did say that we would need advances in our technology to be able to approach this problem.  Well, no kidding. 

2. Today at work, I prepped myself so far ahead for tomorrow that I will be able to bring the laptop with me and spend much of the day there working on the editing and layout of M-Brane #2. In a sense, I'll be getting paid to work on the zine. It seems like a good and just way to spend a Sunday. If progress is good, I may be able to release early. I'm considering moving all the 15th-of-the-month release dates for the rest of the year to first of the month. 

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