Sunday, March 29, 2009

Contributor on DoorQ

Ok, I am ready to move past the Recent Unpleasantness (the Duesberg/Pournelle Affair) and share some good news related to the gradual expansion of the brane. I have been invited to be a contributor on the DoorQ website, which will give me another forum in which to promote the zine and the reading of sf in general. I'll be posting news there related to the magazine, probably do some reading recommendations and probably put up teasers for the issues ahead of their release. DoorQ is an sf/fantasy/horror resource and social site geared toward gay fans of the genres.  Again I display my unerring talent for finding ever-narrower markets for my product: first readers of science fiction, and now gay readers of science fiction. But seriously, it will be cool to have another place to shill for M-Brane and the genre. I don't have anything up on it yet, but probably will in a few days and I'll mention it here and link to it when I do.  Where my posts over there are pertinent to business over here, I'll probably duplicate the info here so everyone who is used to reading this page doesn't have to necessarily visit another site to see what's going on. Listen to me acting like there's a bunch of people who might feel compelled to keep up with me wherever I am! (Well I do have, like, 30 Twitter followers now).

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Anonymous said...

congrats man.

You know, totally being straight with you here... ah, no pun intended... but I think gay marriage is THE civil rights issue of our day. That said, if there was a day when whites felt uncomfortable around blacks, and then more recently straight peopls, esp white males, felt uncomfortable around gays --often still do here in the South--, I must admit that i don't 'get' everyone, specifically transgendered people. But weather I understand or not, I know that everyone deserves basic dignity and respect, so that's where I work from.

And I should say the things that have helped me to be understanding is three-fold: a period of athiesm/agnostisism, being buddhist, and volunteer work.

It is that feeling of being on the outside (athiest/agnostic, buddhist) that engenders sensitivity toward others on the out... along with being near to that person who you thought 'wasn't like me' (which I found attending both Buddhist services and the volunteer work) that brings this kind of understanding as well.

We all suffer and we all want to be happy. Everything else is details.

Anonymous said...

Well, I certainly pay attention to this blog enough, Chris. I find your entries to be both entertaining and thoughtful, and you've inspired me to look up a few books I might not have otherwise. I even check the site for updates at least twice a day.

Christopher Fletcher said...

Ditto, Brandon.

Derek, thanks for stopping in frequently. And thanks all for leaving some comments once in a while because I get a lot of insight from hearing what people other than me are thinking. Speaking of comments and updates, everyone else but me probably always knew this, but I just figured out a couple weeks ago that one can subscribe to email alerts on new comments. Were it not for that, I would never have known that someone was still commenting on posts from like 2 months ago.


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