Sunday, March 1, 2009


Our second issue is loosed upon the world. Those of you who are subscribers or who receive it as your compensation for your fiction sales to the zine (or who have stories in it), should have the PDF in your email boxes now or within moments.  Keep watching this site for news about the print edition, if you have interest in that format. It's due out on 3/15, and I hope to have a standard way of purchasing it figured out and set up by then. Then, once that's settled, I will try to move the whole calendar for all formats to the first of the month.

I'm pretty pleased with this new issue.  #1 will always have a special place in my heart because it was the first, but #2 is special in that it means that M-Brane is now officially a "periodical"...because there's been more than one single issue now. Theory becomes fact.  This zine is for real, is here to stay, and will appear in monthly installments like clockwork. 

#3 is going to pre-production already, and I'll probably announce its contents in a few days.

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Merc said...

I'm so excited! :D

Anonymous said...

Were you still planning on doing the #1/#2 print omnibus? Because I've been thinking that those were the editions I want to buy.

Christopher Fletcher said...

Yeah, it's probably still going to happen. I should have an update on it soon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I downloaded my copy from email and will begin reading soon. Will post a link to this post as well.

Cheers to everyone involved in the issue.


Christopher Fletcher said...

Thanks, Brandon. You were right about that edge of the text thing on the front page--it didn't look that way in Preview, but it did in Adobe 8. I dashed out what I think is a fixed copy to everyone.


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