Tuesday, March 31, 2009

POD update

It appears that the print-on-demand version of M-Brane #3 will be able to release at Lulu at the same time as the PDF. I also have figured out to to fix the frakked up Lulu versions of #1 and #2, and will be doing that as well so I can let the "store" re-open.  I have just spent some tedious time going back to both of those issues, and I think perhaps another hour of messing around with them will do the job. I discovered that I really didn't know as much about how to use my computer (it was brand new) when I was making that first issue.  The original file elements for #1 were a serious mess compared to how cleanly assembled #3 is. It has been a learning experience. I'm sure it will continue to be.

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D. D. said...

No pain, no gain;
Unless it's with the whips and chains...


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