Thursday, April 2, 2009

Back issues up on Lulu

All three issues may now be purchased in print form in the Lulu store (the link to this and all the PDF purchase options is located on Page 2 accessible from that "click here" spot on this page's upper right). My attempt at the omnibus edition failed again for some unknown reason, and I am  setting aside that concept for now (again). The individual issues, however, are ready to go.  In purely aesthetic terms, the Lulu versions of #1 and #2 have some deficiencies as compared to their PDF counterparts, but all the content is there. #3 looks much more like the PDF because it was designed from the get-go to be more compatible with conversion into Lulu POD form. An oddity of the Lulu versions is that their front and back covers are not the "real" front and back like their are in the PDF or the locally-produced print versions. They are cosmetic, an artifact of how Lulu does things, making one create a separate cover instead of allowing page 1 to be the cover the way it is in the PDF version. The complete contents of the issues (including the front) is located inside. Also, interior contents are black-and-white entirely. This is the future of the print version until such time as we're funded well enough that I can make a true print run of it at a reasonable per-copy cost.

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Christopher Fletcher said...

Let me just tell you what a godsdamned muthah-frakkin pain in the a-hole getting issue #1 (what I now just call "The Widow-Maker") tweaked and twisted enough to make it show up in the Lulu preview without a half inch of the right side of every page cut off! I swear to Cthulu that I'll never do anything like that again! Of course now I know how to not set myself for it again.

Pat Eisel said...

I guess you and Jeff did go get that drink!


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