Sunday, April 26, 2009

LeGuin wins Nebula

Ursula K. LeGuin, author of astonishing imaginative power and a real literary heavy-hitter who has amazed readers for decades, has won the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Nebula Award for Best Novel of 2008 for her book Powers.

LeGuin is also a member, along with Vonda McIntyre and a bunch of other female writers, of Book View Cafe, an interesting project that I have mentioned and recommended before on this page. (Another member happens to be our friend Sue Lange whose sexy story "Zara Gets Laid" will be a highlight of M-Brane #5 in June). 

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Anonymous said...

I've always wondered what PKD meant by his derisive references to LeGuin. Left Hand of Darkness is one of the greats books of SF, in my humble estimation, and an example of SF that can be used as an example of genre writing that is more than merely escapist.


Christopher Fletcher said...

I wasn't aware that Dick had a problem with LeGuin, but if so it's interesting in that his work and hers sometimes have some similarities. Her LATHE OF HEAVEN is one I can think of that can sit on the shelf right next to a PKD novel and have that make sense (btw, there's a perfectly watchable film of LOH also--I think it was made by one of the cable TV channels some years back).

Anonymous said...

Yes, PBS made a version of LOH that was pretty decent. Leguin seemed to admire PKD openly, whereas if you read his references to her in his Exegesis, he seems to imply that she writes as specific 'sort of thing' that he finds lacking. I thought perhaps due to her Taoist-infused narrative structures and voice, which I think is kind of twisted and funny in the best Dickian way. BTW, I think the best PKD adaptation is far and away A Scanner Darkly. One of a very few truly adult SF movies.

Christopher Fletcher said...

Yeah, the A Scanner Darkly film is really good, and one of just a very very small number of serious sf films in anything like recent years.


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