Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Q"-Brane antho guidelines on page 2

For those of you interested, I posted the preliminary guidelines for the probable GLBT sf anthology on Page 2. It's ironic that just days after I decided to this, we now have this whole foofaraw going on about Amazon apparently re-categorizing GLBT-oriented books (and less "commercial" str8 erotic stuff--but not shit like Judith Krantz) in their catalog as "adult" and making these books harder to search. It's all that's on Twitter today (see #amazonfail via Twitter search if interested). I suspect that Amazon will fix this problem shortly. But if they don't, they will have some grief over it if the Twit-storm is any indication.

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Christopher Fletcher said...

Breaking news: It appears that the AmazonFail Affair may have already run its course and perhaps we needn't worry any longer.

Christopher Fletcher said...

The Amazon imbroglio--apparently now resolved--was reported on NPR's All Things Considered today...and they made special mention of the uproar over it on I guess it wasn't limited to just that little segment of writer/publisher types that I follow there.


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